The Hungarian team successfully participated at Future Flight Design 2015 in Istanbul, organized by Turkish Air Force Academy in May where 49 teams from 10 countries were present. 

The announcement of the competition included strict requirements for the design, construction, and control of flight of unmanned aircraft, which was a difficult task for the young cadets. Regarding the complexity of the task, the University of Civil Service, and the John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics of Óbuda University created a joint team and went to the international competition together between May 8 and 11. It was a pre-requisite of the participation to summarize the entire process in no more than a 60-page English-language technical report and present it until 10th of April 2015. The prepared material qualified the team for the 25th position in the international field, which they managed to improve for the 20th position by the end of the race.

BHE was among the top sponsors of the team, as always, we love to see young talented individuals thrive. Congratulations to the whole team.