On day 0 of the three day-long conference the professional manager of the Digital Wellbeing Program, Levente Gál András said that the goal of Hungary with integrating around 70 Hungarian and international companies, universities, scientific workshops, professional and administrative organizations is to become an important member of the International Artificial Intelligence Community.

The intention of the founders of the Coalition is to jointly determine the direction and the framework for the development of artificial intelligence. “The coalition is involved in the development of the AI strategy of Hungary and in the analysis of social and economic impacts associated with the spread of AI, “-said the professional leader.
He also added: “the operation of the coalition, to which 20 more organizations have indicated their willingness to join, is provided by the Digital Wellbeing Program.”

According to László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology, Hungary’s response to the challenges created by artificial intelligence is the founding of the coalition, creating a platform for cooperation between organizations working in this field.

The minister also talked about the fact that the fourth industrial revolution is currently taking place, characterised by intelligent, decisive robots. It is important how we approach these intelligent machines and what the legal and economic responses are to the issues that arise in connection with it.

Attila Soltész, the president of Infotér recalled that artificial intelligence in today’s sense has been existing and developing since the 1950s. He emphasises that high value work has been done in this area, and the creation of a coalition will bring about a significant economic advantage, as well as improving the attractiveness of capital and labor in Hungary.
Jakab Roland, the chairman of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition, Ericsson’s regional director, said that “there are waves of the development driven by innovations which change our world” and it is important that these changes are directed to professionals to be positive. Therefore, it is important for the representatives of the market, science, and state to think together.

He emphasised that the professional, legal, and scientific questions generated by artificial intelligence can only be answered by the constant dialogue of the stakeholders.

Within the Artificial Intelligence Coalition, working groups will be set up soon, and in the coming months they will be characterised by “real professional activity” – said the chairman of the coalition.