Mushrooming kW-level SSPAs

BHE proudly announces that significant orders have been booked from major ground station operators from Europe and Asia for kilowatt level S-band GaN based smart SSPAs. The order packages consist of 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 KW amplifiers, represented by single and 1:1 redundant models as well, paving the way for further SSPA developments in the KW league.

Ground station uplink amplifier operators and manufacturers are facing a strong and ever-growing demand for replacing high power – but highly unlinear and of high maintenance cost, in short: obsolete technology – klystron and traweling wave tube (TWT) amplifiers by transistor technology ones, in other words solid state power amplifiers.

In addition to the continously increasing need for higher power in SSPAs, BHE’s new smart systems also features a diagnostic and preventive operation software to support smooth performance.