As one of the founders of the Hungarian Drone Coalition, BHE has been committed to addressing the challenges associated with the proliferation of drone technologies for many years. Our company is proud to have recently developed proprietary RF sensors and operating/processing software that is well established in the domestic and international markets. A significant advantage of the developed and manufactured sensor is that, unlike other applied protection devices, the device does not radiate, making such methods of detection almost impossible. A further advantage is that, thanks to the RF technology used, it can determine not only the direction of the drone itself, but also the direction of its remote control.

In early August, we continued to test and evaluate the detection and classification capabilities of our equipment in the field with several currently used and widely deployed drones. Our experience to date, some of which has been acquired abroad, was further confirmed with our domestic partner. Based on the results measured during the tests, we can state that our UAV direction finding system is suitable for the protection of critical infrastructures and for the prediction of attacks against such objects. In terms of measurement results, the system was able to detect today’s typical drone communications up to 6 km away, and to classify them at 5.6 km (RC (remote control) from nearly 1.5 km) in an EMC contaminated environment with an antenna placed at only 2.5 m. It is planned to keep expanding the so-called “drone library” (drone communication patterns) as new drones enter the market. The product can be used standalone or integrated with other drone detection tools and procedures.