BHE receives approval for 6.5 MHz optical repeaters from Belgian TETRA operator ASTRID

We proudly announce that Belgian TETRA operator ASTRID has approved our 6.5 MHz optical system consisting of BRMF63 Optical Master Unit (to support up to 32 slave units) and BRTF33 Optical Remote Unit which can be ordered with redundant optical connection as well.

As part of our long presence in Belgium during the years BHE obtained ASTRID certificate for the following 6.5 MHz off-air repeaters ensuring in-building TETRA coverage:

  • BRTL39 – a digital channel selective macro repeater in 2018
  • BRTM39 – digital channel selective mini repeater in 2019
  • BRTM19 – band selective mini repeater in 2019.

“After analysis of the documents mentioned in the above references, we can inform you that the hardware in the provided test configuration meets our requirements, prior to its use on the ASTRID network, to provide “3rd party” indoor coverage in Belgium.” – ASTRID highlights in their certification.