BHE Performs CUAV test at National Penitentiary Institute

BHE recently carried out a test to assess the protection of the site, with the effective support of the National Command of the Penitentiary and the leaders of the National Penitentiary Institute in Állampuszta. The event was attended by several law enforcement agencies, with whom the demonstration was later evaluated. According to the scenario, several drones flew from different directions towards the secured facility. From the point of view of our detection system, the question was not only whether we could see – in a given case – 3 UAVs in the air from different directions, but also whether their operators and controllers could be detected and classifyied at the right angles at the same time.

After the successful implementation, the long distance tests followed, where a DJI Mavic 2 pro was guided towards the object from a distance of about 5.5 – 6 km, with its controller in a vehicle about 200 meters behind it. It is worth noting that there were trees  about 20-30 metres in front of the sensor and the elevation was less than 3 metres. The interception finally took place at 3.8 km and the controller was detected and classified at 1200 m. A very important day for BHE has ended, successfully. We would like to thank our colleagues from the prison service for the chance to carry out a demo that gave us the opportunity to hold such a professional forum.