Singing the High C! V-band 50 GHz Block-upconverter by BHE

BHE Bonn Hungary has recently come out with portfolio extension up to V-band 50 GHz range by a new frequency block-upconverter model, developed for an esteemed customer.

This upconverter transposes an input L-band frequency block to a Q/V-band frequency segment at 50 GHz. The new model is a DC-powered unit with IP67 housing and microprocessor based M&C circuitry, applying RS-485 or Ethernet. Combined with BHE’s BMCU87 70MHz to L-band upconverter, the full RF uplink signal chain is obtained.

The high quality standards applied in our day-to-day operations was the key to realise this product in this high and extremely demanding frequency range.

In the light of the steadily growing interest for Q/V-band space related applications, new products and developments featuring 50 GHz are on BHE’s horizon.