New X-band LNA models

We are glad to introduce our new X-band 8000-8500 MHz low noise amplifier models BLXC16 and BLXW16, having coaxial input and waveguide input, respectively. The user can utilize their compact size and opt for that model the input interface of which is more suitable for a given application.

Both LNAs possess integrated cavity filter for effective out-of-band rejection.

Pass band gain of 50 dB min. is a further parameter they have in common, while noise temperature of 50K max. is a figure provided by the waveguide LNA and 60K max. by the coaxial one.

The increasing demand for X-band satellite communication applications predicts the role of BLXC16 and BLXW16 as essential and reliable building blocks of the RF downlink signal chain in the coming years.

For detailed technical parameters see the datasheets for BLXC16 and BLXW16.