BHE is proud to announce its designation as a Test Centre of DIANA, NATO’s innovation Accelerator

DIANA was established by NATO to foster the development of dual-use technologies that address both security and defence challenges. It supports companies working on solutions in key sectors identified by the Alliance.

As NATO responds to a changing world, it is identifying, developing, and deploying appropriate dual-use emerging and disruptive technologies (EDTs). We share a vision with the innovators and researchers of the Hungarian Defence Innovation and Research Institute (VIKI) as well as other selected Hungarian entities, to assist NATO in protecting its one billion citizens.

The network of EDTs Technology Test Centres supports the co-development, testing, evaluation, verification, and validation of selected innovations to address collective defence challenges. DIANA focuses on the fields of big data, artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous solutions, quantum technology, biotechnology, human enhancement, energy and propulsion, advanced materials and manufacturing as well as aerospace.

With DIANA’s network expansion to more than 200 affiliated sites both its capacity and technical expertise are increasing across various disciplines. These sites were selected by their home nations and in the coming months DIANA will complete the Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with them. We are excited to support DIANA’s innovators as they test, refine, and deploy their new technologies in the space communications area.

For more information about the DIANA network, visit the official website: