European Defence Agency’s CBRN SaaS project achivements

The CBRN SaaS project, developed under the umbrella of the PESCO initiative, represents a collaborative effort between contributing Member States and an AIT led industrial consortium. The Technological Demonstrator, based on capability requirements, underwent rigorous field tests to achieve Initial Operational Capability.

BHE was tasked with providing the wireless network infrastructure to transmit measurement data from various UAVs’ onboard sensors to a data processing center safely. Utilizing TCP/IP based MIMO data radios capable of forming a MESH network, we ensured the robustness and stability of the data link.

Our recent completion of the fourth and final field test in Allentsteig marked a significant milestone in this project. The successful demonstration of the system before high-level military delegations and esteemed observers underscores our commitment to excellence in defence technology.

Moving forward we remain dedicated to advancing and safeguarding our collective security. BHE is proud to contribute to the success of the CBRN SaaS initiative and looks forward to continued collaboration in shaping the future of defence technology.