BHE Ltd. is a 100% Hungarian-owned company founded in 1991. It is a major designer of numerous RF and microwave products, applications for mobile operators, government, defence, space and aeronautics organizations worldwide.

Its key product areas include:

  • Critical communications solutions
  • High reliability professional
    • Oscillators
    • Synthesizers
    • Converters
  • SATCOM systems and subsystems
  • Telemetry transceivers
  • Microwave defence solutions
  • Radar equipment
  • CUAV – Counter UAV applications

The company employs more than 120 people, and nearly 80% of its revenues come from exports. Its solutions are used on four continents, in over 30 countries. Key market segments are the mobile telecommunications, defence and aerospace industrial areas and all RF & Microwave fields where special needs are indentified. Apart from this, the company deals with basic research and maintains a decade-long collaboration with universities and academic institutions. Today the company offers more than 400 products and the product portfolio has been updated by approximately 50 new products every year. Its customer base covers domestic and foreign mobile service providers, aerospace and defence industry companies from various locations in the world, a number of which being engaged in the most prominent markets for BHE like India, South Korea, Russia, Germany and several other European countries.

Powered by its technology competence, BHE offers complex civil safety solutions from counter-UAV systems to many areas of modern telecommunications, e.g. development of satellite communication products including advanced digital modulators, TT&C and high data rate onboard transmitters, high power efficiency SSPAs, phase coherent up & down converters, and IFF transmitters.

To mobile service providers as well as to critical communication operators TETRA, GSM, DCS, UMTS (W-CDMA), LTE, FM, VHF and DAB solutions are offered. These units support single, multiple bands and DAS architectures as well. The full TETRA offering covers a complete spectrum of active and passive products such as repeaters, splitters, combiners, and couplers. The repeater portfolio comprises pico, mini and macro units including optical and digital options – all of them are based on years of experience gained from design and manufacturing repeaters for several nationwide networks. Several hundreds of facilities and buildings with large numbers of visitors and intensive traffic like international airports, stadiums, road traffic tunnels and main subway lines in major European cities (e.g. Budapest, Berlin, Brussels, Rotterdam) as well as key event sites like F1 circuits, are equipped with critical communication solutions of BHE.

For the aerospace industry, advanced RF & microwave subsystems, payloads and instruments from VHF up to Ka-band applications are being developed and manufactured by BHE for over 25 years. The scope of solutions covers Spaceborne, Airborne and Ground segment applications, too. Main references are the US-launched VesselSat-1, VesselSat-2 satellites and the International Space Station.

In recent years, BHE outsourced to its subsidiaries all developments like UAV onboard sensors, advanced UAV construction etc., that are not tightly fitting the company’s main R&D and production profile, the field of RF and microwave.

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Year of Foundation

Established in 1991, BHE has become a global leader in RF and microwave solutions for critical communication, defence, and aerospace industries.



Over the years BHE has delivered products to more than 200 customers.



BHE’s advanced RF and microwave solutions are trusted in 45 countries worldwide on all continents.



With a team of 120 talented professionals, BHE delivers cutting-edge RF and microwave solutions to customers around the world.

Our Management

Gábor Schreck


Zoltán Mirk


János Solymosi

Director for Aerospace

dr. Károly Kazi

Honorary CEO