Triplet of Brand-new X-band Uplink SSPAs

X-band?  - Yes
SSPA?    - Yes
200W?    - Yes
Single or 1:1 Redundant?   - Yes and Yes

BHE is pleased to announce three of its new products for SATCOM applications. The 200W amplifiers BPBC15, BPBC16 and BPBC17 are joining our uplink SSPA fleet. All three models are designed for the frequency range 7,145 – 7,235 MHz that is the standard uplink band of X-band satellite communications. BPBC15 is a single indoor rack-mounted SSPA, while BPBC16 is a single outdoor wall-mounted model. 1:1 hot redundancy is provided by the BPBC17 that is also an outdoor wall-mounted device, consisting of two BPBC16s, a hot redundancy switch and intelligent control circuitry. Their outdoor construction protects the related amplifiers against harsh environmental conditions and they can be installed directly to the antenna. All three SSPAs can be fully remotely monitored and controlled via the built-in RS-485 or Ethernet interface.

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