Product announcements

C-Band Data Link Transceiver

In order to provide our customers with bidirectional IP data connection between the UAV and the ground control station, BHE is introducing our recently developed C-Band Data Link Transceiver system.

Two new members in S band SSPA family

BHE is pleased to announce its latest development for SATCOM applications. BPBS46 and BPBS47 stand-alone power amplifiers are ideal choice for ground station applications to provide 200 W and 25 W RF source power respectively, in the frequency range of 2200-2300 MHz.

Two new products in BHE’s Attenuator matrix family

The BUAW series has been broadened by two new elements: BUAW15 and BUAW16. These attenuator matrixes have multiple input and multiple output ports in the range of 700 MHz to 2700 MHz to test handover and MIMO performances on trial network in laboratory environment.

S band power amplifiers for SATCOM application

BHE is pleased to announce its latest development for SATCOM applications. BPBS45 is intended to use on satellite ground station as high power uplink amplifier for S band communication. This amplifier provides stabile output power on 100W level over the frequency range of 2025 – 2125 MHz. 

S-band power amplifiers for SATCOM application

BHE is pleased to announce that two new amplifier models are now available for satellite ground station application: BPBS40 (50 W) and BPBS41 (100W). The units were designed to combine professional RF performances like low input noise and clear output spectrum with new service features with adjustable software parameters to optimize the amplifier to the actual system and to support smooth operation.

BSFL12 Fast Switching Synthesizer

Besides the outstanding L band tuneable signal source in the frequency range of 1520 to 1620 MHz users can also benefit from the four additional fix frequencies available. In the unit excellent RF parameters are combined with low power consumption and fast switching time (less than 5 microseconds).

BMCD41 - C-band Test Loop Translator

Being active in the satellite communication field BHE has now released a C-band test equipment. This unit enables operators to test the operation of both up and down links without the need of antenna and satellite. For more information please see the datasheet.

0.5-18GHz Microwave Synthesizer

After the great success of the BSVQ14, BHE broadband synthesizer, now here it is its successor: BSVQ15.

Working on the same broadband (0,5-18GHz), this new development is faster, has finer steps than its predecessor and supplied in a smaller box thanks to the new innovation.


BPBS32 S-band Outdoor Power Amplifier

After the great success of the S-band redundant SSPA (BPBS11), now the single version (BPBS32) is available for global sale. It is ideal for those who do not want redundancy but would like to enjoy the full benefit of the excellent parameters of this amplifier.

Test Transmitters

BHE has developed two new test transmitters (BUTG10 and BUTS12) to broaden its offering for Mobile Operators. Apart from the successful Attenuator matrixes (BUAW11 and BUAW12) and Faraday Box, now installation and operational personnel can test GSM / DCS / UMTS and LTE systems.