BRTF24 - TETRA Optical Macro Slave Repeater

  • 4W Max Alc RF Output Power
  • High Sensitivity
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Small Size
  • Optical Multiwavelength Technique
  • For Various Topology

This repeater is intended to use for TETRA in or outdoor optical fibre systems. It is a compact and reliable unit, and it is especially advantageous to use it in areas where off air transmission is not preferable (like tunnels, large buildings etc.). The base station side optical master unit can communicate through optical fiber with slave unit on repeater side, which provides high flexibility in system build-up. This very economical solution can be installed easily, and the repeater can be set and monitored using the bundled remote control software.

Thanks to the multi wavelength technique up to 4 slaves can be connected to one master channel via 1 to 4 way optical in star topology. Using external optical couplers daisy chain topology can be realized.