BMCD175 – X-band to L-band outdoor block downconverter with IF diplexer

  • Downconversion with programmable LO signal
  • Excellent phase noise parameters
  • Low level of spurious signals
  • High stability internal reference
  • RS422/RS485 or Ethernet control
  • IP67 construction
  • IF diplexer for combining L-band output with standard S-band downlink signal
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This high performance outdoor block downconverter is intended for use in professional applications in X-band such as satellite earth stations. The BMCD175 includes a single conversion downconverter stage with appropiate filtering, a low phase noise local oscillator, a microprocessor based monitor and control circuitry, and power supply. It is operated from AC power supply. BMCD175 can be controlled via RS422/RS485 or Ethernet. External reference has dedicated connector. This downconverter is housed in an outdoor IP67 rated cabinet. The IF output is equipped with a diplexer that can combine the 1800-2100MHz IF output of the downconverter with a standard S-band downlink signal (2200-2300MHz).

Additional information

External LO input


Frequency band


Highest frequency

26-40 GHz



IF frequency

1950 MHz

Power supply