BMCD39 – 3-channel Ka-band Indoor Tracking Downconverter

  • 34500 – 35500 MHz input frequency range
  • 2940 MHz output frequency
  • Common external LO signal
  • Excellent phase and amplitude tracking
  • Low spurious level
  • RS-422 alarm output
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The BMCD39 is a 3-channel Ka-band Indoor tracking downconverter. The input filtering is followed by a
two stage downconverter in all channels. The channels are operated from common local sources which have
very good spectral purity. The converter channels are equipped with phase and amplitude control elements in
order to achieve very good phase and amplitude tracking between the channels. The downconverter can be
controlled and monitored via RS-422.

Additional information

Frequency band




IF frequency

2940 MHz

External LO input


Power supply