BMCU101 – Ku-band Upconverter 70MHz to 12750-14500MHz

  • Indoor upconverter for Ku-band
  • Tuneable in 1kHz steps
  • Excellent phase noise parameters
  • Low intermodulation distorsion
  • Low group delay ripple
  • Low unwanted spurious level
  • High stability internal reference
  • Local/remote control
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This high performance upconverter is intended for use in professional applications in Ku-band such as satellite earth stations. This device includes a double conversion upconverter module with low phase noise local oscillators, a microprocessor based monitor and control circuitry, a front panel with control keys and status display and internal AC / DC power supply. The equipment can be controlled from the front panel (local control) and via Ethernet, RS232 and RS422 (remote control).