BMCU68 – 230MHz to S-band Upconverter

  • Low phase noise
  • Fine frequency step
  • Low intermodulation distortion
  • Dual conversion
  • High stability internal reference
  • High reliability
  • Remote / manual control
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This double conversion upconverter is intended for use in professional applications in S band such as satellite earth stations. BMCU68 includes a high performance upconverter modul with a low noise local oscillators, microprocessor based monitor and control circuitry, a front panel with control keys and status display and own AC / DC power supply. BMCU68 can be controlled from the front panel (manual control) and via Ethernet (remote control). There is an AGC function within the upconverter and output level is independent of input level within a certain range.

Additional information

Frequency band




IF frequency

230 MHz

External LO input


Power supply