BRSC10 – FM-DAB Optical Slave Repeater

  • Dual frequency band
  • High power amplifier
  • Low distortion
  • Fan cooling
  • Remote control through the RF fiber link
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BRSC10 is an optical slave repeater unit, built with high power amplifier, and it is part of BHE’ FM-DAB broadcast solution. It operates as a single unit to amplify FM and DAB frequency bands, when connecting it to a BHE Optical Master Unit using a Single Mode Optical Fiber Link. The BRSC10 can be controlled on the local Ethernet or remotely through the RF Fiberlink. The repeater has an indoor rack-mounted enclosure with a temperature-controlled fan. The unit is used in a fiber optic link environment of repeaters in special places like tunnels or underground stations to increase the reliability and availability of the radio signal retransmission system.

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