BSVL10 – Low Phase Noise L-band Synthsizer With Internal Reference

  • From 1025MHz to 1150MHz adjustable frequency
  • 1MHz frequency step
  • Very low phase noise
  • Very low spurious level
  • Internal reference
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The BSVL10 is a high performance L-band synthsizer with very low phase noise and spurious level, making them ideal for use as a stable frequency source in communications, navigation, surveillance, or test and measurement system. The BSVL10 has adjustable output frequency from 1025MHz to 1150MHz. The BSVL10 contains a low phase noise reference, that provides low phase noise as well and fine frequency stability even under vibration. The output frequency can be switched with fine 1MHz step in short 250us time. The BSVL10 has one RF output and one 15-pin Micro D-Sub connector for power and communication.

Additional information



Highest frequency

<6 GHz



Internal reference


External reference input


Switching time

<250 usec